About Us

Paytient Payments is an Irish Fintech founded in 2017 by Ruairi Gough, a first-generation entrepreneur and businessman, with the goal of helping healthcare organisations to embrace digital payments. Ruairi established Dental Marketing International in 2011 to provide specialist dental marketing services in Ireland. Dental Marketing International went on to work with dentists in 5 countries, and during this time Ruairi identified a niche for a new dentist-orientated payments business, to help dentists move away from cash and cards run more efficient businesses.

Ruairi Gough CEO & Co-Founder

Ruairi Gough founded Paytient Payments during the NDRC Fintech Pre-accelerator from October to December 2017, where he went on to win the Audience Award for Best Pitch 2017.

In April 2018 Paytient Payments was incorporated as a company and became a client of Enterprise Ireland. The company received Feasibility Funding, to thoroughly research and conduct interviews with healthcare organisations and patients, to validate their business case. In addition to conducting research around digital payments in the healthcare market, some of the funding was also used to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Paytient Payments went live in December 2018 with several dental clinics in Europe using our software to set up Custom Payment Plans for their patients.

We are in the second phase of development (September 2020) with our platform and plan to launch fully automated dental membership plans and patient finance in the next few months. Watch this space!

Yuri Davidovsky CTO & Co-Founder

Yuri has been working in software development industry since 2008, operating as an independent IT consultant since 2012. He joined Paytient Payments in 2019 to oversee the technical development of our primary products of electronic direct debits, membership plans and patient finance for healthcare organisations. He is the creator of the innovations that we proudly introduce into the Irish and European healthcare market.

Yuri has extensive experience developing software applications in the motor, media, retail and healthcare industries. Referring to himself as the “Plumber of the Internet’ his skills enable him to create solutions for many IT and software challenges. This variable and adaptive skillset helps Paytient Payments to innovate and stay ahead of the software development curve.

Fiona McKenna CFO & Board Advisor

Fiona Mc Kenna is a veteran of fast-growing, disruptive businesses. Her first foray into the ‘start-up’ world happened in 1999 and she confesses to being addicted to the challenges and fast-paced environment and energy they generate.  As an experienced CFO her portfolio of experience has been gained in a myriad of industries from Insurance, through Telecoms, R&D and Software Development Consultancy. In addition to her role with Paytient Payments she is a Co-Founder of fourTheorem, an AI/Serverless Software Consultancy as well as founding her own Business to provide ‘Fractional CFO’ Support to growing businesses like ours. 

She is no stranger to disruptive technologies – she has had  first hand experience of the emergence of the internet. Fiona believes Paytient Payments is a disruptive player that will enable access to better dental services by harnessing the power of digital by matching the right financing solution with the patient in a simple process, freeing the dental practice to do what they do best which is maintaining and improving our dental health. As the AI/Serverless revolution is democratising software development, Paytient Plan is facilitating the same democratisation of dental services to a wider audience by the simplification of access to affordable, flexible finance.

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